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MFA Osmani Meets Apostolic Nuncio Suriani

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, has received the copies of the Letters of Credence of the newly appointed Apostolic Nuncio to the Republic of North Macedonia, resident in Sofia, Archbishop Luciano Suriani.  At their meeting, the two interlocutors have underlined their satisfaction with the successful development of the bilateral relations between the Republicof North Macedonia and the Holy See, as well as with the cooperation pursued in diverse areas of mutual interest.  Foreign Minister Osmani has wished Apostolic Nuncio Suriani great success in his mission, while emphasizing the belief that with his diplomatic experience and personal engagement Apostolic Nuncio Suriani would greatly contribute to the deepening of the relations and the rapprochement between North Macedonia and Vatican.  Apostolic Nuncio Suriani has expressed his readiness to continue working on the development of friendly relations between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Holy See, in the spirit of mutual understanding and sharing common cultural, religious and civilization values.  The two interlocutors have agreed that frequent visits and meetings in the past several years serve as yet another confirmation of the close ties, but also prompt the duty of further advancing sector-based cooperation, primarily in areas of culture, protection of cultural and historical heritage and education.  




Skopje, 27 July 2022


Reception of the Mayor Gualtieri for the Ambassadors in Rome

ROME, March 8, 2022 - At the headquarters of the city of Rome, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri hosted a reception for the accredited representatives of the three diplomatic corps, present in Rome: the Holy See, the Italian government and the United Nations, at an extremely delicate time for international diplomacy. The reception was a good opportunity to once again condemn the unjustified aggression against Ukraine. Rome affirmed as a city of peace, cooperation and dialogue between nations and religions, supportive and inclusive, in its essence.

Промовирана изложба во Амбасадата по повод одбележување на Меѓународниот ден на жената

РИМ, 8-ми Март 2022 - Амбасадата на Република Северна Македонија при Светата Столица, Ватикан денес свечено ја отвори изложбата на македонскитa сликаркa Маргарита Алексиевска Склави, насловена “ТРАНСПОЗИЦИИ”, поставена во просториите на Амбасадата.
Изложбата со која, традиционално, Aмбасадата претставува македонски жени сликарки, по повод Меѓународниот ден на жената, оваа година е посветена на сите жени во Украина, на кои им изразуваме безрезервна поддршка!
Изложбата може да се посети со претходно закажување од понеделник 8-ми март до крајот на април 2022.

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